Vacuum Cooling For Fruits And Vegetables

Choose a Better Shelf Life for Your Cultivations with Vacuum Cooling

The summer season causes the vegetables, fruits, flowers and other cultivations to deteriorate rapidly after having being harvested from the field. As much as 25 per cent of the produce decays before reaching the chilled cooler for preservation, in traditional cold chain processing that takes more than 12 hours to reach the required temperature. Fortunately, all of this can be avoided with the latest technology of vacuum cooling for fruits and vegetable. It can easily be applied on just harvested crops to quickly cool the ambient temperature to improve the overall shelf life of the product in as fast as 20 minutes.

Efficient Vaccum Cooling for Fruits and Vegetables for Proper Preservation

Whether it is fruits Vacuum cooling or vegetables’ vacuum cooling, our systems work best with keeping your raw material intact and in good shape. Our vacuum cooling technology is the most efficient in keeping your vegetables, fruits, flowers and other cultivations in proper shape for longer. It is proven to improve your product quality and because of its affordable cooling costs, it is a must investment for vegetable and fruit cultivators to own. The technology is based on the principle that water starts to boil even at lower temperatures as the pressure is reduced. This ensures highly effective cooling that is evenly spread and is easily maintained.

How is Vacuum Cooling Most effective for Cooling your Fruits and Vegetables with Cold Craft

  • Our vacuum cooling systems offer uniform cooling with the product having been cooled to the same temperature inside its core as on the surface, effectively.
  • Rapid cooling ensures there is no wastage of your produce due to delayed cooling facilities for the preservation thus extending freshness to increase overall shelf life.
  • Vacuum Cooling cools your cultivations as quickly as in 20 minutes with ambient temperature management, helping you quickly cool and maintain that temperature.
  • The cooling process is effective for various products and can be applied to vegetables, herbs, flowers and other food products.
  • Cold Craft has a wide variety of cooling systems and chillers to match every industry in the way it needs to be assisted.
  • With Cold Craft, you get the latest technology in cooling with all turn-key products to help you maintain and run your systems effortlessly.
  • Affordable cooling systems such as Vacuum Cooling ensure reduced energy costs and bills to increase overall profitability.

Vacuum Cooling that is Easily Maintained and Effectively used to Cool your Products

Vacuum cooling for fruits and vegetables is a fantastic technology that works on the phenomenon that water starts to boil at lower temperatures if the pressure is reduced. So the vacuum cooler reduces the pressure to a level where the water starts boiling and as a result of this boiling, heat from the product is taken away. This allows the products to be cooled down to 1-2 degree Celsius merely within 20 or 30 minutes, the same is effective for packaged products as well. This kind of rapid cooling that is uniformly distributed offer a much longer shelf life for your produce that is substantially beneficial for sales especially in the case of perishable products.

Vacuum Cooling for Fruits and Vegetables that is Quick as well as Uniform
The latest technology of vacuum cooling allows uniformity in the cooling of your produce. This means that the core of your vegetable is as efficiently cooled as the surface. Vacuum Cooling allows longer durability of your products and cultivations, it also helps you save up on bills with its energy-efficient design allowing you to profit much better from the same produce. Fruits vacuum cooling and vegetables’ vacuum cooling is definitely more effective in performance and affordability as compared to other conventional cooling methodologies. With the mere cooling window of 20 to 30 minutes of excellent cooling that is as evenly spread as it is quick, there is nothing better you can choose for your products.

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