Cold Air Plants

Cold Air Plants (CCAP) for Aggregate Cooling

KTI Cold Air Plants cool down the ambient air via a specially developed multi-stage system. For this, KTI relies on large-surface cooling registers for optimized heat exchange and thus achieving highest efficiency.

KTI Containerized Cold Air Plants (CCAP) cool the ambient air to approx. +2 °C via a dedicated designed multi-stage system. The refrigeration system generates the the cold air in special cooling registers. Therefore, KTI relies on large-surface coils to ensure optimum heat transfer for a highly efficient operation.

A highlight of KTI’s cold air systems is that the ambient air is drawn in, cooled and pushed through the silo. Via air ducts the cold air is introduced into air nozzles. The nozzles ensure that the air is optimally distributed in the silo and around the aggregates. All air ducts and air nozzles are designed and manufactured according to the silo type.

For heavily soiled and dusty environments, KTI recommends using an Air Washer. The Air Washer was developed by KTI to achieve two major effects. On the one hand, the air is cleaned, which reduces the cleaning effort of the cooling coils to a minimum. On the other hand, the air is pre-cooled as it flows through a water film, which increases the efficiency of the system.

Cooled room: 200 m³ (height adjustable according to requirements)
Temperature combinations: +45 °C / +5 °C, +5 °C / -20 °C
Temperature zones: one zone or two independent zones
Execution: Stand-alone, stackable, side-by-side
Refrigeration equipment: Fully integrated, air cooled
Flooring: Aluminium, PVC, others upon request
Access: Swinging door (standard, custom), sliding door (standard, custom)
Goods handling: Small pallet jack, stackers

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