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Highly Professional Ice Flake Machine Suppliers in Australia offering Variety for Every Business!

Cold Craft has been the ice flake machine supplier for various business in the country for more than 30 years now. As a family business, we established ourselves with the goodwill and trust of our clients always abiding by the motto which says that quality has no compromise. All our brands are leading manufacturers in the market and offer the best machines available in the market. They assure you that there would be no hindrances in a supply of fresh and perfectly shaped ice flakes with the best and most proficient flake ice machines in the industry.

Leading Ice Flake Machine Suppliers Delivering Best Flake Ice Machines in the Market

The Flake Ice Machines offered by us help you meet your quality standards along with affordability so you never have to worry about a thing. We offer you brands and maintenance of industrial flake ice machine that helps you take your business to new heights, letting you expand uncompromisingly. Our Ice Machines are manufactured by leading brands helping us offer you the best of the best available in the market today. You don’t have to worry about buying ice when you can create as many as your business requires with your very own flake ice machine.

How Cold Craft Offers Unmatched Services & Supplies with the best flake ice machine

  • A vast selection of industrial flake ice machine and ice dispensers 
  • High-tech machines at affordable prices to set up your business or help in its expansion
  • Expert advice on updating, buying or repairing your flake ice machines
  • 30 years of experience working on projects of all scales nationwide in Australia
  • A Family-owned business established on our clientele’s support and satisfaction
  • Our partner companies are all industry leaders and strictly adhere to the government guidelines 
  • Maintenance programs are available for all machines to suit your business’s unique needs
  • Highly qualified and professional designers Ice Project Design & Construction

Best Flake Ice Machine offering just the Excellence & Proficiency your Venture Needs

As one of the most renowned ice flake machine supplier in town, we offer technologically advanced industrial flake ice machines which come in various sizes and models to suit your custom ice needs. Our dispensers and ice storage bins get installed in no time and offer perfection with every production unit letting you be free from purchasing ice externally as a raw material. You can now be self-reliant as you choose from our vast range of ice machines that have been helping business from all industries including food and beverages, hospitality, construction, healthcare, entertainment and corporates. Whether you’re setting up your brand new office or home, our machines and team are always there to guide you.

Wide Range of Flake Ice Machines that Help Match Your Requirements with Affordability
With a wide range of models and brands to select from, Cold Craft offers you many sizes, models and price ranges when it comes to purchasing an ice machine. These flake ice machines can easily produce ice of different sizes and shapes as per your needs and come with a very durable design that’s easy to use. Built with highly durable materials and advanced technology, you are sure to remain assured and extremely satisfied after your purchase. Furthermore, our customer service always backs you up from helping you make the right choice in selecting a flake ice machine and purchasing it to getting it installed and discussing servicing and maintenance schedules.

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