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Established & Trusted Ice Machine & Chip Ice Maker Supplier in Australia

Cold Craft has been supplying one of the best ice-maker machines for more than 30 years in Australia with an end-to-end market both online and in-store. As a family business, we have made rapid progress with our motto that we truly abide by which is that quality has no compromise. We have all the leading brands in commercial chip ice machines and help you be fully equipped with the best in class machines for your business without any hindrance in the supply of fresh and perfectly shaped ice cubes. No more worries about purchasing ice, you can make it yourself with ease and affordability.

Leading European-Australian Partnership Delivering Industry-Leading Ice Makers

High-quality Ice Machines offered by us with maximised Australian content wherever possible while standing up to all Australian standards. As your chip ice maker supplier, our vast range of ice dispensers, water chiller and containerised refrigeration with storage incubators offers uncompromised, precise and controlled cooling. This allows you and your team to function optimally. With our vast experience, Cold Craft has catered to clients from various backgrounds, having supplied for sectors like hospitality, healthcare, entertainment and construction. Whether you need advice on purchasing new commercial chip machines or you’re searching for chip ice machine repairs near me, Cold Craft is there to assist you with everything.

How Cold Craft Delivers Best in Class Equipment, Service & Customer Care

  • A huge variety of commercial ice makers and ice dispensers 
  • High-quality Machines at wholesale prices to help get your business started or expand it 
  • Expert guidance on upgrading, purchasing or getting your ice machine repaired
  • 30 years of experience working on all kinds of projects in various Australian states 
  • Family-owned business built on trust and support of many satisfied customers 
  • All companies in partnership with us are top-notch and adhere strictly to the code of compliance
  • One-stop-shop for freshwater, seawater, on-board and land-based solutions 
  • High skilled and experienced specialists in Ice Project Design & Construction

All Types of Ice Makers for Sale to Match your Business’ Unique Needs

As a renowned chip icemaker supplier, we offer many options for commercial chip ice machines and ice dispensers for every business. The machines come in various sizes to suit meet your production or service requirements. If you’re building a home or setting up an office, work in the construction industry or food and hospitality, we can help you choose the best ice maker as per your requirements and install it in no time. We have commercial chip ice machines with models creating ice shapes of all shapes and sizes along with flake ice makers and ice storage bins from the leading makers in Australia.

Wide Range of Ice Machines that Suit your Wallet & Requirements Adequately
With a large selection of models and brands to choose from, we offer Geneglace, Ziegra and KTI Plersch as well as various other machines that are highly reliable and maintain temperatures to offer stability and precise temperature control providing you with brilliant temperature uniformity throughout the storage compartments. Built with high durability and safety standards, you can be assured that your business has the best equipment indeed with recognised chip ice maker supplier, Cold Craft by your side to assist you. You will be extremely satisfied with our customer service that backs you up, every step of

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